Gulf Highlands -

Golf Cart Rentals

Bike the Beach is proud to present our product to the owners and guests of the Gulf Highlands Community.

CARTS - Our Carts are meant to be used inside Gulf Highlands only and are not allowed outside of the community or on the streets of Panama City Beach.

Bikes – Our bikes can be ridden anywhere you choose to enjoy riding bikes.

E-Bikes – Same as our regular bikes, they can be enjoyed anywhere you choose to ride.

E-Scooters – Though not yet available, the e-scooters can be ridden anywhere you choose.

Please note and abide by all state and local laws when riding bikes in or outside of the community.

Golf Cart rules inside of Gulf Highlands, no street legal carts are permitted on property, drivers must be 16 yrs. of age AND have a valid DL. Golf Carts must be parked in designated parking spaces. Do not park on the grass.

Pets are allowed on golf carts. Please note that if your pet tears or rips the seat cover, you will be responsible for its replacement. (Seat covers for these specific seats are expensive)


Golf Carts – 65 per day, or 400 for the week.

Bicycles – 25 for the first day, 10 each additional day, or 70 for the week.

E-Bikes – 65 for the first day, 50 each additional day or 300 for the week.

E-Scooters – 65 for the first day, 50 each additional day or 300 for the week.

Please call 850 557 7787 ext. 2 for Reservations, monthly or long-term rentals.